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Los Angeles Times newspaper article - Front page of the Daily Pilot Business section

Automobile Club of Southern California- Westways Magazine article.

Major Media event - Two (2) TV stations, one live Talk Radio broadcast and Reporters plus Photographers from two (2) newspapers, conducting interviews of four Real Bearded Santas, four Carolers along with the CEO and COO of Santa For

Press and TV coverage of the year 2000 Season in Southern California showing ABC-TV News interview, a local TV Station News interview and reporters from two newspapers.


Years 2005 through 2010
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Year 2004 Holiday Season
1. Newport Beach, CA. April 2004: Inc. was awarded their first contracts for the 2004 Season. Warner Brothers of Burbank selected for their celebration/promotion of their new movie Polar Express that will be in movie theatres this Holiday Season.
This award was followed by an award of a contract for a Photo-Shoot for a nationwide Magazine ad to appear in their November issue. 
2. For additional 2004 Press releases please contact our Public Relations manager. His e-mail address is

Year 2003 Holiday Season

Newport Beach, CA September 2003. Santa for Inc. celebrates the start of its 5th season and announces the expansion of its business by adding 4 new Divisions. These new Divisions will focus on Regional business in the Eastern USA, Southern USA, Mid-USA and Western USA to provide ever increasing better services to its customers.
Boston, MA June 2003. Santa for was awarded  it’s first contacts for the 2003 Season.

Year 2002 Holiday Season

  1. Newport Beach, CA December 2002. Santa for completed its best year to date with over a 50% increase in sales over last Season. Notable contracts include providing Santas and Photographers to 120 Stores in 18 Cities across the USA, providing a Santa to the “West Wing” TV show annual party in Los Angeles and the Montel Williams TV Show annual party in New York City. We provided Santas for photo shoots, for Malls and for major Department stores in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Boston, Miami, Washington DC and many more locations.
  2. Santa for successfully completed it’s first two contacts in June for the 2002 Season providing a Santas for two photo shoots, one in Southern CA. and one in New Jersey.
  3. Santa for continues to sell its popular book “Becoming Santa” to new as well as experienced Santas throughout the USA.
  4. Santa for signed a contract on August 18, 2002 to provide a real bearded Santa for the Macy’s Department Store in San Francisco, CA.
  5. Santa for completed a photo shoot in New York City for Parents Magazine on September 4, 2002.
  6. Newport Beach, CA- January 2002. Santa for completes it’s move to it’s new office location in Newport Beach CA

Year 2001 Holiday Season

  1. Santa for successfully completed its first contract for the 2001 Season providing a Santa for a photo shoot in New York, NY.
  2. Santa for awarded contract to provide a real bearded Santa for the Montel Williams Television Show annual Christmas party in New York City.
  3. Santa for awarded two-month contract to provide Santa to the Yonkers Mall in Yonkers New York.
  4. Santa for awarded contract to provide Santas to the Glendale Fashion Square in Glendale, CA.
  5. Santa for awarded contract to provide Santa to the International Mall at the Mexican Border in San Ysidro, CA.
  6. Santa for awarded multiple contracts to provide real bearded Santas at numerous locations at the Pottery Barn Department stores.
  7. Santa for awarded multiple contracts to provide real bearded Santas at numerous locations for Maggiano’s Restaurants in Southern CA.
  8. Costa Mesa, CA- December 2001. Santa for completes its third live interview on three Talk Radio stations that are heard nationwide. They also completed a live interview on the local FOX TV Station in Los Angeles
  9. New York City – November 2001. Front Page article in the Wall Street Journal features Santa Ed provided by Santa For in assessing the impact of September 11 terrorist attack on the Christmas spirit for the 2001 Christmas holidays
  10. Santa for awarded numerous follow-on contracts to returning customers including, IPNet Solutions in Newport Beach, CA., GE Financial Group in Anaheim CA., The California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey CA., the San Francisco Dry Dock company in San Francisco, CA., the Starlight Foundation in Boston, MA. Trimodel Corporation in Long Beach, CA. and more.
  11. New York City-May 2001. reports that the 2001 Holiday season has started. The first photo shoot of the 2001 holiday season has been completed at Charron, Schmitt and Partners Ad Agency with photos by Jean-Marie Guyaux at for this year's Trade Journals. Santa Preston from New York City was the Santa for this shoot and the photo taken can be seen on page 6 of Santa for's website

Year 2000 Holiday Season
1.      New York City - September 2000. Estee Lauder Corporate Office in New York City has selected to supply real bearded Santa's this year for their annual awards luncheons/dinners. These awards held in Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC area and more.
2.      Carlsbad, CA. October 2000 and December 2000. Real bearded Santa Ken provided by selected as the "best looking" Santa in San Diego. In a pole taken by local radio station, Santa Ken was selected as the best-looking Santa seen in the Malls in San Diego County.
3.      Atlanta, Georgia- September 2000. Santa to arrive by helicopter. reports that their Santa will arrive by helicopter to start the Christmas season here at a resort near Atlanta. Santa Vinny will be appearing every weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.
4.      Costa Mesa, CA. December 2000. Santa for announces that Marina del Rey, CA based Yacht Club, Pasadena, CA based Hunt club that started the Rose Parade in January 1890, San Francisco CA based Dry Dock company, Newport Beach CA based (the first dot com company to advertise on the Super bowl), EDS/advanced computing at the University of California in Irvine, CA University Club and many more selected to provide real bearded Santas for their special Holiday events.
5.      Costa Mesa, CA. December 2000. Major media event at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa, CA. ABC-TV and local TV news, live Radio broadcast and newspaper reporters and photographers all coverage to interview Santas and the key people from
6.      Costa Mesa, CA. December 2000. Costa Mesa based Santa for reported that their Southern California group has booked over 200 appearances for their real bearded Santas in Southern California so far this holiday season and expect many more bookings before the season is over.

Year 1999 Holiday Season

Santa for kicks off the first Season of providing Natural Bearded Santas to customers nationwide. This is the first nationwide business that uses the Internet to help clients find the Santa they want for their holiday celebration.



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