Job Opportunities for Professional Santas is a Talent Agency that provides part time actors to various customers. searches for, finds and accepts Contracts from customers and provides these customers natural bearded actors playing the role of Santa Claus. is the Contracting Company that contracts with Santa Actors to perform according to the customer requirements and contracts with the customer to provide Santa Actors.

Please complete this application form and mail or fax it to 232 via Eboli Newport Beach CA. 92663, fax number (949) 673-7707 or e-mail your application and photos


Job Interest/Job Application Form

Date of Application:                           .

First Name: __________________MI_____Last Name:                                                      
Home Phone: ___________________Cell Phone: ___________________, GPS in car/phone?                 
E-mail address:                                                                   twitter account:                                                  .
facebook account:                                                           .                                                       
Home address:                                                                                                                                               
Do you have a Website? www.                                  .

Desired job: finds jobs for natural bearded Santas nationwide and internationally.
Please mark(X) the two jobs that you are most interested in doing.

  1. Malls: _____
  2. Private/company parties: _____
  3. Photo shoots:_____
  4. TV commercials:_____ 
  5. Other: _____

Are you willing to travel? Local only _____ Nationwide _____International _____                                                   
Do you have a Mrs. Claus that can travel as your assistant on International Assignments? __________

Experience and resume:  Please send us updated information about yourself, your resume/experience as a Santa and your resume when not acting the part of Santa.
How many years have you been a Professional Santa?                      . a Mall Santa                         .
How many years have you worked as a non-professional Santa?                          .

Please send 3 new (the past 2 years) photographs (in JPEG format). The photos should be taken while wearing your best Santa Suit and should include:
1. a head shot or head and shoulders shot
2. a full length photo while you are standing
3. and a group photo while working as a Santa
Preferably all the photos will be taken by a professional Photographer.

Please send us a video with you reading "The Night Before Christmas". The video can be taken with your cell phone camera or using the video mode available in most digital cameras. The video should be approximately 60 seconds long  and should be taken while you are wearing you Santa suit.

Do you have a valid Passport?             and Driver’s License?               .

Personal Information
Height:                                    Weight:                       Santa Belly padding needed?           
Preferred stage name: _____________________
General Health: Excellent:             Good               . Fair                .                                        
Beard naturally White or bleached white               ? 
Do you have your Beard year around or do you shave for the summer? ________           
Do you speak other languages than English________? which languages? ________________________.

Which countries have you visited?                                                                                                              .

Are you a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)               ? or the National Association of Professional Santas (NAoPS?)                         ?
Do you have training to become a professional actor                 ?

Please explain                                                                                                                                               .

Do you have experience as an Actor in a local Theatre Group             on TV            or in Movies            ?
Please explain                                                                                                                                                .

Please send your information by regular mail or e-mail to the address below. 232 via Eboli Newport Beach, CA. 92663
or E-mail: and

What is your availability for this year? 

Medical History Questionnaire

First Name: ______________________Last Name:                                                  date:               

Please explain any medical condition that will affect your doing your job of portraying Santa Claus at a Mall, a private or Company party, sitting for a photo shoot, acting in TV or other commercials or for flying long periods of time:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Do you smoke or drink? Yes              no         .             
Are you able to not smoke or drink for the entire Christmas season? Yes              no         .             
Are you able to lift Children weighing 40 pounds on and off your lap for 8 hours a day?                       .
Are you able to stand or walk around a customer’s Mall or store for long periods?                                  
Does your Driver’s license have driving limitations? Yes              no         .             

Is there anything we need to know about your Health or Medical History?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Whom do we contact in case of a medical emergency?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Experience and References as Santa

Experience and resume: Please send us information about yourself, your resume/experience as a Santa and a short resume of your work history when not acting the part of Santa. We will need three (3) references as Santa and in your professional life.
Also, please send 3 recent photographs (in JPEG format). The photos should include a head shot, a full length photo and a photo while working as a Santa-all in your Santa outfit, preferable taken by a professional Photographer.
We will need a recent background check as required by our Insurance carrier and our customers.

Company or Private Parties the past 3 years:
Please list 3 or more Parties and references for the Parties:



Mall or Department Store Experiencevt the past 3 years:

Please list 3 or more Mall jobs or Department Store jobs and references:



Photo Shoots and TV commercials Experience the past 3 years:

Please list 3 or more jobs and references for Photo Shoots and TV commercials:



Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska

To meet Santa Claus please visit Santa Claus house in North Pole, Alaska