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SantaforHire.com® is a company that provides Real Bearded Santas for Malls, Corporate events, TV and print advertisements, private parties and celebrity events. We have provided Santas for home visits, appearances at company parties and Christmas Events, to photo studios for photo shoots and Santas for TV Ads and Movies roles. We provide Santas to Department Stores, Shopping Centers and Malls from Bangor Maine, Cape Cod, New York and Miami on the East Coast and from Alaska to Seattle, San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles and San Diego on the West Coast, and many locations throughout the Western USA, Mid-USA, Southern USA and Northeast USA. We provide Santas Internationally in Hong Kong and Shenzhen China and have requests to provide Santas in Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, London and Dublin Ireland. Our Santas have been featured in many local newspapers and major nationwide newspapers including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. Additionally our Santas have appeared on local and national Television Shows.

SantaforHire.com is celebrating the start of its tenth (10th) season of providing Real Bearded Santas nationwide and internationally.

SantaforHire.com provided Santas to 120 stores six years ago for a company that was doing a special promotion for one of their customer's products. We provided Santas to a large number of Macy’s Department stores in California for a special promotion to kick-off the Christmas shopping season. Santaforhire.com started providing large numbers of Santas with our first major job on the East Coast for Estee Lauder at various locations in December, 2000. We have been providing Santas to Stores, Malls, Private and Corporate events continuously from 1999 through 2009 and are again starting this summer of 2010 with an important job at the North Pole, Alaska.

SantaforHire.com was founded in 1999 in Orange County California and incorporated in the year 2000. We are a Talent Agency that represents actors playing the role of a Real Bearded Santa Claus and we are as an Employment Agency that provides Temporary Staffing to Individuals and Companies throughout the USA. We currently have over 200 Real Bearded Santas available for assignment worldwide. The photos of most of these Santas can be seen on our Nationwide Website: www.SantaForHire.com and all of our Regional Websites.

Santa for Hire.com® is Division of Internet Booking Agency.com Inc. a California Corporation.

For more information, please contact us at (949) 673-7707 or e-mail info@santaforhire.com.


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