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Do your Santa's have insurance?
Yes all of our Santa's carry insurance.
Can I get a Santa for 15 minutes?
Sure, you can even have a Santa for 5 minutes, but in most cases there is a one hour minimum charge.
If we are a nonprofit, can you provide a Santa at no charge?
In most cases, we can provide a performer at a reduced rate.
Can a Santa just do a quick meet and greet in between another job?
Yes, but in most cases there will still be a one hour minimum charge.
Are your Santa performers fingerprinted?
As part of our national background check, our Santa performers are checked by their social security and drivers license against a nationwide database that checks for misdemeanors, felonies, child endangerment, and any sort of questionable background issues. If you would like our Santa performer to be fingerprinted, please contact us.
Do you have photographers, provide backdrops, elves, or chairs for rent?
No, we only provide the Santa performer and Mrs. Claus (if requested).
Can we take pictures with Santa?
Yes, only for personal use. If you are using the pictures for promotional purposes, or are selling the pictures, please contact us.
Can we advertise Santa is coming to our event?
Yes, as long as the event is a private party, and no money will be charged at the event (i.e. entrance fee, cover charge, photos with Santa fee, etc..). Please contact us for additional details.
Do we have Mrs. Claus?
Will the Santa I choose be the exact Santa that arrives to our event?
In most cases yes, but there are instances when another Santa performer may arrive.
Do the Santa's arrive dressed up and ready to perform, or does the customer provide a changing area?

In most cases the Santa performer will arrive dressed for your event. If the Santa performer requires a changing area, our staff will inform you prior to the event.

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